F.u.n.k.e. Avionics (formerly Funkwerk / Filser) develop, produce and sell avionics equipment and avionics system solutions in the areas of communication, navigation and displays.

The company offers the “Filser“ product lines of TRT Mode-S transponders and ATR VHF voice radios for general aviation.

Filser/Funkwerk ATR500 (OHC)
Compact 760 Channel VHF transceiver for 57mm round hole mounting. Unit is 165mm deep and requires an additional 50mm for wiring...
Our Price $1395.00

Funke ATR833 VHF OLED Transceiver
The Funke ATR833 OLED is a complete solution for radios in small aircraft with the new channel separation of 8.33 kHz. The chan...
Our Price $2400.00

Funke ATR833 VHF LCD Transceiver
The ATR833 LCD has been derived from the ATR833 OLED transceiver with an LCD display for best sunlight readability and noticeab...
Our Price $2195.00

Funke TRT800H OLED Mode S Transponder
The TRT 800H OLED is a new development of the well known TRT 800 series transponder and now features an ultra-bright display (O...
Our Price $3495.00

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! What service!! My GPS went wrong. After a phone call you got me a replacement and took my faulty unit back via courier. All within 24 hours. I just couldn't ask for better service.

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