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Collision Avoidance

Zaon portable collision avoidance systems and accessories.

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Monroy ATD300 Traffic Watch+

Traffic-Watch+ provides continuous traffic awareness.

Monroy ANT300 Antenna

The ANT-300 small blade foot print directional antenna provides direction capability to the ATD-300.

iLevil 3 - SW

This portable Wireless Integrated Avionics Module “WIAM” combines the latest in GPS, AHRS, Data Recording and ADS-B technology to bring pilots a progressive backup solution that is both Android and iOS compatible. The internal WAAS enabled GPS and AHRS provide all the navigation information you need to turn your tablet into a real glass panel and also drive Synthetic Vision Apps and other devices. The Dual Band ADS-B (978/1090MHz) receiver allows you to monitor free inflight weather, METARS, in addition to traffic information, all at your fingertips. This means unparalleled safety and redundancy for the cockpit. This WIFI enabled system can be connected with up to 10 devices and is compatible with multiple mobile platforms, allowing pilots to choose from a wide range of Apps and devices making this product well suited for General Aviation.

Garmin GDL39 3D Portable ADS-B

The GDL 39 3D portable ADS-B receiver is a simple and economical solution for pilots who want to receive the benefits of ADS-B In. The GDL 39 3D combines a dual link ADS-B receiver that conveniently supplies ADS-B traffic and WAAS GPS data to Bluetooth compatible iOS and Android devices. The Garmin Pilot app enables both the display of backup attitude information and the optional moving map page with traffic overlay while in split screen mode, so it’s easy to view flight information alongside the attitude information at the same time. The GDL 39 3D’s ADS-B traffic is also compatible with the aera 795, aera 500 series, and GPSMAP 695.

Garmin GDL39 Interface Cable

Interface cables to connect to Garmin handheld GPS units, and other avionics.

Funke TM250 Traffic Monitor

The TM250 is an air traffic monitoring solution for the Ultralight (Microlight) and Light Aircraft Association pilot. The built-in receiver decodes ADS-B transmissions from other aircraft. Their relative position is shown on the display together with their horizontal and vertical direction of movement. This allows an instantaneous capture of the traffic situation.

Trig TN70 ADS-B OUT Solution

Trig produces smart, affordable and future proof avionics. If you’re an aircraft owner looking for an affordable ADS-B Out solution with superior performance then Trig has the right ADS-B solution to get you equipped today.
$4,300.00 $3,194.99

Zaon XRX to Garmin AERA Power/Data Cable

Connects Zaon XRX and Garmin AERA 500/550 together for traffic data with power from a single DC plug...

Air Avionics ATD-57 AIR Traffic Display

AIR Traffic Display

Air Avionics TRX-1500 Collision Avoidance System

Collision Avoidance System