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7. Accessories

Other parts and modules including video, WiFi, ARINC interface and MAP/VPX Licenses.

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Dynon SV-BAT-320 Display Remote Battery

Dynon's new SkyView system remote battery unit. One required for each SkyView display. In event of ...

Dynon Knob Control Panel

SkyView was designed with maximum flexibility in mind, which is why it has 8 "soft" keys and 2 re-assignable knobs. In busy cockpits, sometimes all you want is a knob that "just works" and always does what you expect.

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Internally illuminated (backlit) dedicated button for activating the "LEVEL" mode in SkyView's integrated Autopilot.

Dynon SV-ARINC-429 ARINC Interface

The new Dynon SV-ARINC-429 module makes SkyView compatible with certified GPS receivers, integrating...

Dynon USB Video Adaptor for SkyView

With SkyView 11 Software, all SkyView Touch and new SkyView screens can display video in both full-screen and split-screen formats when equipped with a Video Input Adapter. Video sources connect via s-video or composite input. Both NTSC and PAL formats are supported for worldwide compatibility.

Dynon Wi-Fi Adaptor for SkyView 102405-000

USB WiFi adaptor for SkyView systems 102405-000

Jeppesen database for Dynon SkyView (PACIFIC REGION)

Jeppesen aviation and obstacle data for SkyView System.

Dynon SV-VPX-290 License

Dynon VP-X License to enable Vertical Power electronic circuit breakers to interface to the SkyView ...

Dynon Skyview Dimmer Module

The SV-KNOB-DIMMER allows the brightness level of SkyView / SkyView SE displays, and Dynon Avionics ...