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Bendix King

Accessories for Bendix King and Skyforce GPS units.

Mounts, antennas, power and data cables, batteries, chargers and databases.
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Database Update For Skymap IIIc Topo

Refund of $100 given for old datacard when returned....

Skyforce Cig. lighter Adaptor Cable

Fits Skymap II and IIIc. Allows connection to aircraft power....

Skyforce 2m Antenna Extension Cable

Extend your Skymap II/IIIC antenna cable....

Skyforce PC Interface Cable

Use to connect skymap II/IIIc to PC serial port and power adaptor....

Skyforce Pedestal Mount

Mount your skymap almost anywhere!

Skyforce Panel Mount With Power/SMB

Panel mounting plate with mating connectors and connecting leads for power/data and antenna....

Skyforce Power/Data Cable

Full connecting cable for Skymap II/IIIc. Connections for Power and Data in/out. Bare wire terminate...

Skyforce Yoke Mount

Mount your Skymap II/IIIC on your aircraft yoke....