Icom accessories for hand-held airband transceivers.

Batteries, cases, antennas, chargers, PTTs, speaker mics, etc...
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Icom BP208N

Alkaline battery case for Icom A6/A24 transceivers. Takes 6x 'AA' cells....

Icom BP210N

Replacement NI-MH battery for Icom A6/A24....

Icom BP-7G

NiCad Battery for A2/A20....

Icom CM-166 Compatible NI-MH Battery

12V 600mAh Battery Pack. Fits A3/A22 radios....

Icom CP-17L

Cigar Lighter Lead for A3/A22 Radios....

Icom CP-20

Cigarette lighter lead for Icom A6/A24 with built-in regulator....

Icom IC-BP232H

Icom’s BP-232H Li-Ion battery pack gives you the long battery life you need. High quality and long lasting, great as an upgrade or for use as a replacement.

Icom IC-BP261 ICOM A15 AA Battery Case

Icom BP-261 Battery Case (6x Alkaline AA/LR6 batteries) for use with Icom IC-A15 and IC-A15S transce...

Icom IC-FA-B02AR

AR Flexible Antenna Std.

Icom IC-HM234

Speaker Microphone. Plugs directly into A3/A22/A6/A24/A15 radios....

Icom LC-122

Leatherette Carry Case for A3/A22 radios....

Icom OPC-515L

DC Lead for Battery Chargers....

Icom PC Programming Kit

EX AIR PC Programming Kit with Lead. ...
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Icom PTT Switch

Velcro mount with 3.5mm Jack plug....

OPC2144 Adaptor for A25

External accessory adaptor for Icom A25 to allow older A3/A6/A22/A24 accessories to be connected to ...

Icom PS1508.008 Radio Enclosure for IC-A120

Enclosure and 10A power supply for Icom IC-A120 VHF transceiver.