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Garmin Crimp Tool (SAT-004)

Used to crimp closed barrel, screw machine pin and socket style contacts. Perfoms a simultaneous 4-indent crimp for superior contact retention.

Duratool HT-336G Crimp Tool

Ht-336G Crimp Tool; Crimp Application:Rg58 Rg59 Rg62Au Bnc And Tnc Connectors...

Duratool BNC/TNC Crimp Tool

A standard 9" Hex crimping tool for crimping F, BNC, TNC, N and Twinax connectors to RG58, RG59 and RG62 cables.
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DSUB Insertion/Extraction Tool (Standard Density)

M81969/1-02 Tool for inserting and removing male and female standard density machined crimp contacts...

DSUB Insertion/Extraction Tool (High Density)

M81969/1-04 Tool for inserting and removing male high density machined crimp contacts from DSUB conn...

3/32 Allen Key for Bendix/King and Garmin Avionics

Insertion and removal tool for Bendix/King and Garmin avionics equipment....

7/64 Allen Key for Dynon Avionics

Insertion and removal tool for Dynon avionics equipment....

Vertical Power Crimp tool

There are differences between the production and shop grade tools. The production tool has a better ...

Nylon Tube Cutter

Cutter for up to 12mm diameter tubing....