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Air Data, magnetometer and GPS.

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Outside Air Temperature probe is included with the ADAHRS module.

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Dynon SV-ADAHRS-200/A Primary ADAHRS Module

Dynon's new SkyView system ADAHRS module (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System). Includes OAT ...

Dynon SV-ADAHRS-201/A Backup ADAHRS Module

Dynon's new SkyView system backup ADAHRS module (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System). Inclu...

Dynon SV-MAG-236 Remote Magnetometer

SkyView Remote Magnetometer Modules: The SV-MAG-236 Remote Magnetometer has been developed for situations where the SV-ADAHRS-200/201’s integrated magnetometer cannot be located in areas free of magnetic disturbances while satisfying the other installation constraints (such as proximity to center of gravity) of the SV-ADAHRS-200/201. The SV-MAG-236 is particularly recommended for steel-frame aircraft.

Dynon SV-GPS-250/A GPS receiver Module

Dynon GPS receiver module. Interfaces to display unit to supply real-time position information. Ex...

Dynon SV-GPS-2020 GPS Receiver/Antenna Module

Full 2020 ADS-B Out compliance for your SkyView and AF-5000 Series EFIS with SV-XPNDR-261 Transponder.

Dynon GPS-251 GPS Receiver/Antenna Module

The EFIS-D10A/EFIS-D100's attitude algorithm is normally aided by pitot-based airspeed information. If the EFIS’s airspeed source becomes unavailable, the EFIS will automatically use GPS ground speed to continue to display accurate attitude.