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Air Avionics

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Air Avionics AT-1 Traffic System

AIR Traffic, the new collision avoidance system, marks the heart of the traffic avoidance installation in the aircraft. Its flexible interface concept allows for direct connection to many compatible indicators, third party navigation systems (including IFR certified panelmount systems such as GARMIN GTNĀ®), or even Apps.

Air Avionics ATD-57 AIR Traffic Display

AIR Traffic Display

Antenna Exterior GAV-868 (FLARM)

Robust FLARM Antenna for exterior installation with N-connector. Suitable for all FLARM/PowerFLARM/TRX devices

Internal antenna with cable screw mounting (GPS)

Active GPS Antenna with MCX connector for panel installation or installation on the glare shield.

External antenna with cable (FLARM)

FLARM exterior antenna for use with PowerFLARM and TRX-Systems.

Antenna external with cable (ADS-B)

External antenna with cable