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ADS-B Receivers

ADS-B receiver hardware for PC/laptop/tablet

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SkyEcho 2 Electronic Conspicuity

SkyEcho is a portable ADS-B IN/OUT transceiver and is the first equipment accepted by CASA. This meets the technical standards for portable self-contained electronic conspicuity devices. SkyEcho transmits your aircraft position, altitude, course and speed to surrounding aircraft to improve awareness.

Dynon SV-ADSB-472 Traffic and Weather Receiver

The dual band SV-ADSB-472 receives ADS-B traffic via 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz. Unlike portable ADS-B receivers, SkyView and AF-5000 pilots receive FULL ADS-B and radar traffic when the SV-ADSB-472 is paired with our Mode-S transponder and SV-GPS-2020.

Air Avionics ATD-57 AIR Traffic Display

AIR Traffic Display

Dual XHUD1000 Head Up Display

• Enables pilots to view key flight data with their head up and eyes forward • Wireless connectivity with portable and panel mount avionics, tablets & smartphones • Compact & portable with flexible mounting to fit with most planes