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Transponder/DME/ADS-B Antennas

Antennas for your aircraft's transponder or DME, and ADS-B antennas for Funke.

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Harrys HM109s Stub Transponder/DME Antenna

Stub type tranponder/DME antenna.

TED Stub Transponder Antenna

Transponder antenna. 1030-1090MHz....

Harrys HM109B Blade Transponder/DME Antenna

The HM109b is a non-certified broadband blade type antenna for transponders or DME application in permit/experimental aircraft. The antenna housing is constructed of an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylic (ASA) shell. The white color allows maximum performance without losses due to color pigments or unseen dirt. The antenna is supplied with cellular neoprene mounting pad and hardware.

CI 105 Transponder/DME Blade Antenna

'Sharks fin' type Transponder/DME antenna. Replaces Bendix/King KA60....

Funke ADS-B External Antenna for TM250 PNETAA80

1090MHz/FLARMĀ® external rod antenna for Funke TM250.

Funke Inboard Antenna PNETAN80

1090MHz/FLARMĀ® Antenna inboard...

Trig TA50 Compact GPS Antenna (QMA)

This compact antenna is perfect for gliders and light sport or experimental aircraft where mounting options are limited and space is tight. The TA50 GPS Antenna is small, easy to stow and built for aviation use. It has been developed to provide trouble free operation with the TN72 GPS Position Source.