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Magnetic compasses for your aircraft.

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Precision Aviation PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass

The Fully TSO'd Precision Vertical Card Compass is a totally new concept for today's aircraft.

Beijing Instruments MC022S Vertical Card Compass

Magnetic Vertical Card Compass, 57mm, non certified.

Beijing Instruments CM13S Panel Compass (Southern Hemi)

Magnetic Compass, 57mm, non certified.


Mounting Bracket for PAI700 compass. This bracket allow you to pedestal mount the PAI700 rather than...

Beijing Instruments CM24S Pedestal Compass (Southern Hemi)

Magnetic Compass, pedestal mount

Dynon EDC-D10A Remote Compass (100323-000)

Dynon's remote compass module permits magnetic heading to be sensed in an area of the aircraft where magnetic interference is minimal. Positioning is critical, so the instructions in the installation guide should be closely adhered to. Following calibration, the remote compass will yield excellent results with an accuracy of just a couple degrees.


The vertical hanger for PAI-700. Can be bent forward or aft to the desired angle. Holes can be drilled where needed.