Directional Gyros

Directional gyros (DG)

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Mid-Continent Directional Gyro Unlit

p/n 3300-10, 10-32v operation Unlit. Advanced circuitry and improved design allow this DG to with...

Mid-Continent Directional Gyro Lighted

p/n 3300-11, 10-32v operation lighted. ***specify lighting voltage*** Advanced circuitry and i...

Beijing Instruments GD031 Vacuum Directional Gyro

Directional Gyro, Vacuum, 80mm, non certified.

Beijing Instruments GD023 Electric Directional Gyro (14v)

Directional Gyro, 14v, 80mm, non certified

RC Allen RCA11 Series Vacuum Directional Gyro

The RCA 11A series of vacuum directional gyros utilises an air driven precision gyroscope that controls a vertical rotating azimuth gimbal.

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RC Allen RCA15 Series Electric Directional Gyro

The RCA 15 series electric directional gyro is available in both 14 and 28 volt models. This gyro employs an electrically driven gyro rotor and is a direct reading, azimuth indicator. A heading select knob is fitted at the 7 o'clock position.

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Autopilot Connector

5 pin autopilot connector...

RC Allen RCA1510 Digital Heading Indicator

The RCA1510 Digital Heading Indicator is the latest addition to our Digital Instrument Lineup. It is the perfect companion to the RCA2610 Digital Attitude Indicator.