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Horizon Gyros

Attitude indicators from RC Allen, Mid-Continent and Mingda.

Some models include 'LIFESAVER' battery backup

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Mid-Continent Standby Attitude Module (SAM)

Digital Standby Attitude Module. 10–32 VDC operation with internal battery, and provides Attitude, Altitude, Airspeed, and Slip.
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Mid-Continent Rotating Roll Dial Lifesaver (Aircraft Symbol)

p/n 4300-411 The only electric attitude indicator with a self-contained battery backup. The Lifesaver provides one hour of emergency attitude reference in the event of power failure. With 7,500 hours MTBF - more than double that of the competition - it is an exceptional value. TSO approved. Added safety, ease of installation and cost-benefit make this an ideal primary or standby artificial horizon.

Beijing Instruments GH030 Vacuum Horizon Gyro

Attitude Gyro, Vacuum, 80mm, non certified.

RC Allen RCA22 Series Vacuum Horizon

The RCA 22 series of vacuum horizon have an air driven precision gyroscope to present the pilot with pitch and roll information through a full 360°. A pictoral presentation leads to faster interpretation of aeroplane attitude. The 22 series of instruments meets or exceeds FAA TSO C4c.

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Beijing Instruments GH025 Electric Horizon Gyro (14v lighted)

Attitude Gyro, 14v, 80mm, non certified.

3-pin Gyro Connector (MS3106A-10SL-3S)

3-pin gyro connector to fit most turn co-ordinators, as well as G-meters and some others.

4-pin Gyro Connector (MS3116E8-4S)

4-pin connector to fit most horizon and directional gyros....

Mid-Continent Attitude Gyro Fixed Roll Dial, (Aircraft Symbol)

p/n 4300-312. **Specify tilt & lighting voltage*** Engineered as a primary or standby artificial ...

RC Allen RCA26 Series Electric Horizon Gyro

The RCA 26 series electric horizon gyro is available with or without lighting, in 14v, 28v and multivoltage models with orange or yellow Aircraft/Pointer. This gyro employs an electrically driven rotor to sense movement in the roll and pitch axis and transmit the information to the pilot through a pictoral presentation. This RCA26 series meets or exceeds requirements of FAA TSO C4c.
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RC Allen Slip Indicator

Optional slip indicator for RC Allen horizon gyros...

RC Allen RCA 2610 Series Digital Horizon

RC Allen RCA 2610 Series Digital Horizon

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uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Display

• 57mm EFIS • Probeless AOA • 30 Minute Backup Battery • FAA Approved