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Garmin G3X System

Garmin's glass panel 'G3X' system. Displays, modules, install kits and engine sensors.
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Garmin GTP59 OAT Probe

The Garmin GTP 59 outside mounted temperature probe that provides raw air temperature data. Thetempe...
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Garmin GTX 35R / GTX 45R ADS-B Remote Mount Transponder

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the GTX 45R and GTX 35R remote mount ADS-B transponders for experimental aircraft.

G3X and G3X Touch EFIS System

Complete Garmin G3X system with single or multiple display and with, or without engine info.

Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument

G5 Electronic Flight Instrument

Garmin GPS20A WAAS position source

Affordable WAAS position source for ADS-B

GDL39R mote ADS-B receiver for G3X system


Garmin GI260 Angle Of Attack Indicator (010-01287-00)

• Provides normalized AOA right in your primary field of view

GDU460 Install Kit (010-12150-00)

Install kit for GDU460 display.

Bendix-King KY-97A (14v) (Overhauled Condition)

Providing VHF communications in the 118.00-136.975 MHz bandwidth, the TSO'd KY 97A is a 760 channel transceiver generating 5 watts minimum (7 watts nominal) of output.

GSU25 - G3X ADAHRS Module (010-01071-00)

Garmin's GSU25 ADAHRS Module provides accurate and reliable referencing of aircraft attitude, heading, rate, vector and acceleration data.

Garmin GSU25 Connector Kit (K10-00181-00)

Connector kit for Garmin GSU25 ADAHRS Module...

GEA24 - G3X Engine Information Module (010-01042-00)

The Garmin GEA24 facilitates Engine Integration to your G3X system.

Garmin GEA24 Connector Kit (011-02886-00)

Connector kit for the Garmin GEA24 Engine Module...

GSA28 - G3X Autopilot Servo (010-01068-00)

Garmin’s affordable GSA 28 “smart” servo units give your G3X a range of autopilot capabilities similar to those provided by the high-end GFC™700 systems found on thousands of certified aircraft.

Garmin GSA28 Servo Connector Kit (011-02950-00)

Connector kit for GSA28 Autopilot Servo...

Garmin GSA28 Servo Install Kit (011-02952-xx)

G3X Servo Install Kit.

GMC305 - G3X Autopilot Control Panel (010-01169-X0)

A separate autopilot control panel for dedicated mode selection, as well as access to additional autopilot modes including Indicated Airspeed Hold (IAS), Level Recovery (LVL), and Yaw Damper (YD)

Garmin GMC305/307 Install Kit (010-12034-00)

Installation kit for the Garmin GMC305 Autopilot Controller for G3X....

Garmin GAP26 Unheated AOA/Pitot Probe (010-01074-xx)

AOA/Pitot probe for G3X system.

Garmin GAD29 ARINC Interface (010-01172-00)

Arinc 429 interface for G3X system to communicate with Garmin IFR equipment, e.g. GNS430W or GTN650....

Garmin GAD27 Connector Kit

GAD27 Connector Kit...

Garmin GAD27 Controller

Garmin GAD27 for G3X Touch Aircraft

Garmin GAD29 Connector Kit (011-03271-00)

GAD29 ARINC interface connector kit....

Garmin GMA240 Audio Panel (010-00735-01)

GARMIN's new GMA 240 audio panel meets the needs of aircraft owners and operators who require reliability and simplicity in the essential audio switching function. The GMA 240 features innovative LED-illuminated push button controls that allow audio selection of both NAV and Comm audio. Large buttons activate the Comm microphone and audios for up to two Comm transceivers to simplify cockpit workload.


G3X engine sensor kit for 4 cylinder Lycoming/Continental.

G3X Sensor Kit LC6 (K00-00513-00)

G3X engine sensor kit for 6 cylinder Lycoming/Continental.

G3X Sensor Kit RTX (K00-00514-00)

G3X engine sensor kit for Rotax 912.

G3X Fuel Pressure Sensor Inj (494-30004-02)

Fuel pressure (injected), 50 psig, 1/8-27 NPT.

G3X RPM Sensor: Slick Magneto (494-50005-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor: RPM, hall effect, slick magneto

G3X RPM Sensor: Bendix Magneto

Garmin G3X Sensor, RPM, hall effect, bendix magneto

G3X Sensor: TIT probe (494-70002-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor TIT, type K thermocouple, 7/16-20, bayonet

G3X Sensor: Carb. Temp (494-70005-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor Carb Temp, RTD, 1/4-28