8. Cables and Harnesses

Wiring harnesses and network cables.

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Dynon SV-NET-HUB Network Hub

A new network connection device, the SV-NET-HUB, is now available to make it easier to install the S...

Dynon SV-NET-xCC Network Cable

Dynon Network cable with both connectors fitted. Available in 3 and 6 foot versions for connecting ...

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Dynon SV-NET-xCP Network Cable

Dynon Network cable with one connector fitted and one loose. Available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 foot...

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Dynon SV-NET-SERVO Cable (20ft)

The Dynon SV-NET-SERVO Cable Kit helps wire the autopilot servos. It includes 20 feet of Tefz...

Dynon SV-NET-SPL Network Splitter

Network cable splitter. 1' (300mm) long, includes gender changer....

Dynon SV-ETHERNET-3CC Network Cable

SkyView ethernet cable for sharing database information between the displays in a system....

SV-Harness-XPNDR Harness for Transponder

SV-HARNESS-XPNDR for use with either Class I or Class II Mode-S transponder. ...

SV-HARNESS-ADSB for Receiver

SV-HARNESS-ADSB for use with the SkyView system ADS-B traffic receiver. ...

Dynon SV-HARNESS-D37 Display Harness

Display wiring harness for D700/1000. Aircraft grade Tefzel wiring. Connections for power and 5 ser...

Dynon DB9 Male - Male Adapter (Network Bypass Adapter)

Dynon DB9 Male/Male Adapter (Network Bypass Adapter) Used to connect two female SkyView network cables so that the network signal is not broken. Useful when replacing units or re-configuring a system.