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Aviation Mount/Power Cable & Audio Jack for Aera660 (010-12373-00)

Get 2-in-1 functionality for your aera. The powered mount and cable provide external power while the...

G3X LRU Kit (High Perf. - K10-00016-13)

The Garmin High Performance LRU kit.

G3X LRU Kit (Standard -K10-00016-14)

The Garmin Standard LRU kit.

G3X Oil Pressure Sensor (Kavlico v2) 15 PSIG

G3X Oil Pressure Sensor (Kavlico v2) 15 PSIG

G3X Oil Pressure Sensor (Kavlico v2) 150 PSIG

G3X Oil Pressure Sensor (Kavlico v2) 150 PSIG

Garmin Aera 660 1" Ball Mount

The 1” Ball Mount is perfect for customers with existing 1” socket receivers installed in their airc...

Garmin Aera 660 Aviation Cradle, Bare Wires (010-12373-01)

Aera 660 bare wires cradle with power, data and audio

Garmin aera 660 Dual Orientation Yoke Mount

The new Dual Orientation Yoke Mount allows aera 660/760 owners to take advantage of the portrait display.

Garmin aera 660/760 Home Dock

For aera 660/760 owners who wish to keep their aera 660 easily accessible at home.

Garmin Aera 760 Aviation Mount Cable - Bare Wires (010-12994-11)

Cable for the Aviation Mount (aera® 760) to compatible avionics and power systems using this cable.

Garmin Aera 760 Aviation Mount Cable - Power/Audio (010-12994-10)

Connect your Aviation Mount (aera 760) to your aircraft's cigarette lighter socket using this cable.

Garmin Aera 760 Portable Aviation GPS

New to the aera 760, pilots can load departures, arrivals and instrument approach procedures (IAPs) within a flight plan, which can be wirelessly transferred to a navigator in the cockpit.

Garmin D2 AIR Aviator Smartwatch

Lightweight Touchscreen Design at an Attractive Price

Garmin D2 Charlie Aviator Watch

GPS Smartwatch with High-resolution Mapping, Weather Radar Overlay and More...

Garmin D2 Charlie Watch - Charging/Data Clip

Complete 2 tasks with 1 cable using our charging/data clip. Connect the cable to your computer's USB...

Garmin D2 Delta PX Aviator Watch

D2™ Delta PX Aviator Watch with DLC Titanium Band

Garmin G3X GDU 470 7inch Touch Portrait Display

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Garmin G3X Touch glass flight display family — the 7” G3X Touch portrait display. For new panels, aircraft builders now have three display formats that can be selected.

Garmin GA26C Low-profile Remote Antenna

Get great signals on your device with this GA™ 26C low-profile remote antenna. Runs on a lower volta...

Garmin GAD 13 OAT KIT

With a new software update, the Garmin G5 electronic flight instrument will be capable of displaying outside air temperature (OAT) and true airspeed (TAS) using a temperature probe and the new Garmin GAD™ 13 adaptor. Similar to other Garmin products, OAT displays along the bottom of the airspeed indicator, while TAS is displayed on the top of the airspeed indicator.

Garmin GDL 50 Portable ADS-B Receiver

We are pleased to announce Garmin GDL 50, a portable device capable of receiving Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and weather(U.S. only), GPS and aircraft attitude information for display on select portables and mobile devices. A remote-mount version of GDL 50 - GDL 50R - is also available.

Garmin GDL 50R Remote-Mount ADS-B Receiver

We are pleased to announce the Garmin GDL 50R, a remote-mount device capable of receiving Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) traffic and weather*, GPS and aircraft attitude1 information for display on select portables and mobile devices. Exclusive features such as TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ further enhance the ADS-B traffic picture and are unique to Garmin products.

Garmin GDU 470 Install Kit (010-12150-02)

Install kit for GDU470 display.

Garmin GI 275 Electronic Flight Instrument Base

We are pleased to introduce the Garmin GI 275, a powerful electronic flight instrument that directly replaces legacy primary flight instruments in the cockpit. GI 275 is suitable as a direct replacement for a variety of instruments, including an attitude indicator, attitude directional indicator (ADI), course deviation indicator (CDI), horizontal situation indicator(HSI), multi-function display (MFD) and engine indication system (EIS). Capable of serving as a 4-in-1 flight instrument with attitude, airspeed, altitude and heading information, GI 275 can also be installed as a standby to a number of glass flight displays and is available with a 60-minute back-up battery. Lightweight and compact, the GI 275 is intentionally designed to take advantage of the common 3.125-inch flight instrument size, reducing installation time and preserving the existing aircraft panel. It's also compatible with a variety of third-party autopilots and does not require a separate interface adapter, further reducing installation labor. GI 275 has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval and is available immediately for installation in more than 1,000 single-engine and multi-engine aircraft models. The EASA validation of this STC is expected shortly.

Garmin GLO 2 Portable GPS Receiver for Aviation

Fly with the portable device of your choice and Garmin-caliber GPS data at the same time. GLO 2 for Aviation combines GPS/GLONASS receivers with Bluetooth® technology so you can get precise position information on your iPad®, iPhone® or Android™ device.

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