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GoPro Hero3 LCD Touch BacPac™

Relive Reality Instantly

GoPro Hero3 Wi-Fi Remote

Control the Experience

Nflightcam Gopro Billet Mount

Want to know what it would look like to be strapped to the bottom of your airplane for take-off or l...

SP Powerbar Duo for GoPro Hero3 Batteries

No matter where you are, you will always be able to charge your GoPro Hero3 batteries with the PowerBar Duo.

Nflightcam Gopro Aviator Lens Kit

Want to mount your GoPro outside your airplane to capture those jaw dropping angles through a propeller that seem impossible but do not want the ugly prop distortion in your shot. This filter simply snaps on the Hero3 waterproof in seconds, no tools required.

GoPro Hero3 Battery BacPac™

Extend the Experience

GoPro Hero3 Replacement Housing

Standard Housing for HERO3 cameras. Waterproof to 197’/60m. Delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water. Skeleton Backdoor included.

GoPro Hero3 Skeleton Housing

The HERO3 Skeleton Housing has open sides to allow cables to be plugged into your camera for live-feed video, charging, cooling and enhanced audio at low speeds.

GoPro Hero3 Wrist Housing

Wear your HERO3 camera like a watch for easy access when capturing footage on the fly. The Wrist Housing secures your HERO3 flat against your wrist, yet lets you quickly pivot the camera upright to shoot photos or video. When not recording, you’ll have full use of both hands—making it perfect for activities like surfing, snorkeling, climbing and skiing.

GoPro Hero3+ Skeleton Housing

The HERO3+ Skeleton Housing has open sides to allow cables to be plugged into your camera for live-feed video, charging, cooling and enhanced audio at low speeds.

GoPro Hero3 Wall Charger

Charge up to two GoPro cameras, 2X as fast, in any wall socket in the world.

GoPro Hero3 Auto Charger

Charge your HD HERO camera(s) while on the go in a car:

GoPro Hero3 Bag Pack (5)

5 drawstring bags to conveniently organize and protect your GoPro cameras and accessories....

GoPro Hero3 Floaty Backdoor

Easy to spot flotation backdoor lets your HD HERO camera float in water. Industrial strength 3M adhesive backing attaches the floaty directly to the HD HERO waterhousing backdoor. A spare HD HERO waterhousing backdoor is included.

GoPro Hero3 Housing Lens Replacement Kit

Glass lens replacement for HERO3 housing. Includes 2 lenses and seals, replacement screws and screwdriver for hassle-free repairs.

GoPro Hero3 Anti-Fog Inserts

Drop inserts into sides of camera housing to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments. To Reuse: Inserts will last for approximately 4 uses. To dry out and reuse, heat inserts on a pan in oven at 300 F for 5 minutes. Store in an airtight bag.

GoPro Dual Battery Charger

This compact Dual Battery Charger for Hero3 or Hero3+ batteries can charge using any powered USB sou...
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The RAP-B-202-GOP1 consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball, connected to a custom GoPro® adapter. The adapter attaches directly to the under-side of the camera, replacing the factory mounting bracket.

Nflightcam Metal Cage for GoPro Hero5 Black

Extreme Adventure Metal Cage

Nflightcam Extreme Adventure Mount, hard-Point

Extreme Adventure Mount

Nflightcam Aircraft Strut Mount

Aircraft Strut Mount

Nflightcam Audio and Power Cable

Audio and Power Cable

Nflightcam Audio+Power Cable (Helicopter version)

Audio+Power Cable for GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4 (Helicopter version)

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