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Our range of Lightspeed Aviation Headsets includes the Tango, Zulu and Sierra. Renowned for their comfort, quiet and clarity, Lightspeed continue to be one of the industry's leading brands.

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NEW Flightlink App for iPhone/iPad and Zulu.2 Headset.

Record cockpit audio, playback messages, store conversations.

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Lightspeed Zulu 3 GA Headset

The Lightspeed Zulu 3 builds on the performance and features that have made the legendary Zulu line the choice of private and professional pilots worldwide, but adds a number of enhancements to deliver even more comfort and durability.

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Lightspeed Tango Wireless ANR Headset

The first premium wireless aviation headset, Tango blends outstanding noise cancelation, renowned Lightspeed comfort, and wireless convenience.

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Lightspeed Sierra ANR Headset

Try on the latest addition to the Lightspeed line of premium headsets for a new flying experience. With the fit, comfort, features, and value you’ve come to expect from Lightspeed, Sierra is best in class.


With Zulu PFX, Lightspeed Aviation has leveraged cutting edge technology, world-class engineers, and superior customer knowledge to leapfrog the competition and produce the world's quietest premium ANR headset for aviators.

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