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Microavionics MM001 (UL100) Headset

Self contained electronics with onboard NIMH batteries giving over 100 hours between recharge (no re-charge is needed if using a powered radio interface MM005). The headset uses a military specification noise canceling electret microphone designed for high noise environments coupled with a speaker that gives excellent sound qualities.

Microavionics MM001A (UL200) Noise Cancelling Headset

This headset has been specifically designed to work in open and enclosed cockpits with specific attention to noise reduction and clear communication. The headsets are compatible with our UL100 headsets, those of the Pilot and Lynx Avionics Micro system.

Microavionics MP001 Paramotor Headset

Paramotor Headset Intercom The Microavionics MP001 Paramotor Headset with sidetone, thes...

Microavionics MP001A

Paramotor headset with side tone - Helmet mount for Icaro or similar helmet Helmet mount headset fo...

Microavionics MC001-MT

Headset for MT Autogyro

Microavionics MC001B-MT

MT Gyrocopter compatible - Integral Headset Helmet System.

Microavionics MM020A Helmet With Visor And Air Dam

The MicroAvionics range includes communication helmets for both Microlights and Paramotors. The helmets are designed to fit over the top of the intercoms. The helmet is supplied with flip up visor and lock to retain the visor in position.The Air Dam wind stopper is also supplied, which deflects wind away from the underside of the visor and chin area ensuring more comfort in flight.

Microavionics MM021 Microlight/ Paramotor helmet

Tested and certified to European Airborne sports standard EN966 and carries the CE marking.