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Safety Essentials

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eGear Jetscream whistle, orange

The JetScream whistle is a powerful signalling device that can be easily heard above most natural and man-made noises.

eGear See-Me LED Lifejacket Light

Water activated or manual LED lifejacket light.

eGear See-Me Select Auto/Manual LED Light/Strobe

The water activated/manual unit is a state-of-the-art rescue light that uses a microprocessor to combine all the recommended features of a rescue light into one product. When you hit the water, the light will automatically turn on into a strobing mode to attract rescue. When rescue is close, you press the switch and it goes into a steady light to direct rescue towards you.

eGear Survival Card Tool

eGear Survival Card Tool.

eGear Waterproof Paper Pad

eGear waterproof notebook with pencil.

eGear Emergency Blanket

Emergency blanket.

Light Stick 6 inch (2 pack)

eGear light sticks.

eGear Floating Knife

Floating knife with attached lanyard.