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eGear Jetscream whistle, orange

The JetScream whistle is a powerful signalling device that can be easily heard above most natural and man-made noises.

eGear See-Me LED Lifejacket Light

Water activated or manual LED lifejacket light.

eGear See-Me Select Auto/Manual LED Light/Strobe

The water activated/manual unit is a state-of-the-art rescue light that uses a microprocessor to combine all the recommended features of a rescue light into one product. When you hit the water, the light will automatically turn on into a strobing mode to attract rescue. When rescue is close, you press the switch and it goes into a steady light to direct rescue towards you.

eGear Survival Card Tool

eGear Survival Card Tool.

eGear Waterproof Paper Pad

eGear waterproof notebook with pencil.

Light Stick 6 inch (2 pack)

eGear light sticks.

eGear Floating Knife

Floating knife with attached lanyard.