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Skyforce 2m Antenna Extension Cable

Extend your Skymap II/IIIC antenna cable....

Skyforce Cig. lighter Adaptor Cable

Fits Skymap II and IIIc. Allows connection to aircraft power....

Skyforce Gimbal Mount

Mount your Skymap on a flat surface.

Skyforce Panel Mount

Panel mounting plate for skymap II/III without connectors....

Skyforce Panel Mount With Power/SMB

Panel mounting plate with mating connectors and connecting leads for power/data and antenna....

Skyforce PC Interface Cable

Use to connect skymap II/IIIc to PC serial port and power adaptor....

Skyforce Pedestal Mount

Mount your skymap almost anywhere!

Skyforce Portable Antenna

Replacement portable GPS antenna with 2m lead for Skymap II/IIIC....

Skyforce Power/Data Cable

Full connecting cable for Skymap II/IIIc. Connections for Power and Data in/out. Bare wire terminate...

Skyforce Rack Mount

The Skymap Rack Mount allows the flush mounting of the GPS in a Panel. The mount allows the GPS unit...

Skyforce Skymap II/IIIC Power Adaptor - UK

Power your Skymap at home for all your flight planning....

Skyforce SMB to BNC Adaptor 6inch cable

Convert Skymap II/IIIC to take a BNC terminated antenna....

Skyforce Yoke Mount

Mount your Skymap II/IIIC on your aircraft yoke....