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STEP 4 - Engine / Airframe Sensors

Engine Sensors.

** A GEA24 is required to interface these sensors to a G3X system.

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G3X Fuel Flow Sensor (494-10001-00)

Garmin G3X Fuel Flow 1/4" Female NPT

G3X Fuel Pressure Sensor Carb (494-30004-03)

Garmin fuel pressure (carbureted) / Coolant pressure, 15 PSIG.

G3X Fuel Pressure Sensor Inj (494-30004-02)

Fuel pressure (injected), 50 psig, 1/8-27 NPT.

G3X RPM Sensor: Bendix Magneto

Garmin G3X Sensor, RPM, hall effect, bendix magneto

G3X RPM Sensor: Slick Magneto (494-50005-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor: RPM, hall effect, slick magneto

G3X Sensor Kit LC6 (K00-00513-00)

G3X engine sensor kit for 6 cylinder Lycoming/Continental.

G3X Sensor Kit RTX (K00-00514-00)

G3X engine sensor kit for Rotax 912.

G3X Sensor: Ammeter Shunt (909-D0000-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor, Ammeter, Shunt, +/-50 mV, 100 amps

G3X Sensor: Carb. Temp (494-70005-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor Carb Temp, RTD, 1/4-28

G3X Sensor: TIT probe (494-70002-00)

Garmin G3X Sensor TIT, type K thermocouple, 7/16-20, bayonet


G3X engine sensor kit for 4 cylinder Lycoming/Continental.