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Step 5 - Additional G3X options

Autopilot, Air Data, Pitot and Traffic.

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  • Garmin Type: G3X EFIS System

Garmin GAD27 Connector Kit

GAD27 Connector Kit...

Garmin GAD27 Controller

Garmin GAD27 for G3X Touch Aircraft

Garmin GAD29 ARINC Interface (010-01172-00)

Arinc 429 interface for G3X system to communicate with Garmin IFR equipment, e.g. GNS430W or GTN650....

Garmin GAD29 Connector Kit (011-03271-00)

GAD29 ARINC interface connector kit....

Garmin GAP26 Unheated AOA/Pitot Probe (010-01074-xx)

AOA/Pitot probe for G3X system.

Garmin GEA24 Connector Kit (011-02886-00)

Connector kit for the Garmin GEA24 Engine Module...