How do you wear a Bose ProFlight 2?

Proper fit on your head is important both for comfort and optimal noise-reduction performance.

Wearing the headset

  • Use the L (left) and R (right) markings on either side of the headband to orient the headset properly
  • With the headset on, adjust the headband so the side pads rest above your ears
  • A low, rumbling sound or frequent, brief losses of noise reduction may indicate an improper fit or blocked earbud ports
  • During a long flight, you may feel a slight pressure point, which can be relieved by adjusting the headband position. As you use the headset, you’ll develop a sense of how it should sound and feel, which can help while adjusting it
  • Make your final adjustments with the headset powered on in a noisy environment. In very loud conditions, such as during takeoff, you may experience a brief reduction in noise cancelation as the headset compensates for a momentary pressure change.

Microphone placement

Microphone placement is important for clear communication. With the headset on your head, make these adjustments:

  1. Move the microphone boom until the microphone is level with your mouth
  2. Face the white mark on the microphone toward your lips
  3. Position the microphone 1/2″ (1.5 cm) from your lips and slight off-center. Avoid contact with the microphone and your lips
  4. Try on the headset and test its operation before flight.