How many different versions and configurations are available for the Bose A30 Aviation Headset?

The Bose A30 comes in many variations, and customers can choose different configurations based on connector, cable, microphone, and module (Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth). The most popular aircraft connection option is dual G/A, but flexible power versions with auto-on capabilities are also available in 6-pin and 5-pin XLR configurations.

The most common connection configurations are:

Dual plug (PJ 068 and 6.4 mm stereo): With the dual plug, two AA alkaline batteries provide a minimum of 45 hours of operation while flying. This version is user-configured for stereo or mono audio and is commonly used across all aircraft types.
● XLR 5-pin: This configuration, often called the Airbus plug, is a mono connection that’s powered by the aircraft or batteries, depending on the aircraft’s capabilities. When disconnected, the flexible power feature allows pilots to switch seamlessly between aircraft and battery power.
The U-174 is a single-plug configuration commonly used in both military aircraft and several helicopter models.
● (LEMO) 6-pin connector: With this option, the headset is connected to the aircraft via a 6-pin connector and is powered directly from the aircraft. Two AA alkaline batteries can also be used to enhance flexibility. When disconnected, the flexible power feature allows pilots to switch seamlessly between aircraft and battery power.*

*Bose adapters are available to convert a 6-pin connector to either a dual G/A plug or a U-174 for additional connection flexibility.